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We are a boutique real estate brokerage offering commercial and residential sales, leasing, and property management services. Our team has years of experience working with top real estate industry members in Nova Scotia. As a result, Full Circle Realty Inc. is founded upon a legacy of hard work, integrity, and success.

Our size is our strength: we are an agile, innovative, and tech-savvy team focused on collaboration rather than competition. This means that our entire team will always be dedicated to working for you. Our mission is to build successful, long-term relationships centered on trust, loyalty, and accountability.

Why Work with Us

We’re local experts.

Our team was born and raised in Halifax and we know the market well. We’ve built an extensive network of relationships that we are happy to share (mortgage brokers, appraisers, contractors, lawyers, and more)

We’re reliable.

We are hard-working, approachable, and above all: loyal. We value our client relationships above everything, your success is our success.

We do things differently.

We are energetic and always driven to think outside the box, with a distinctly entrepreneurial approach to Real Estate investment.


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